Have I killed a lot of fat cells In buttocks? (photo)

I am 16 days post op from full body lipo and fat grafting to butt and hips with breast lift with 400 ccs implants.. I was advised to sleep and sit on butt .. I've been sleeping & sitting (with boppy) however scared I killed fat I see the flattening on where there should be projection although buttocks is still extremely hard. I'm laying down for first time using breast pillow which is a bit uncomfortable (so was sitting Am I causing harm to my implants/stitches? How should I sleep (sides hurt)

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Positioning after a BBL

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Post op care and positioning are vital to a good BBL result. Pressure on the newly transplanted fat cells will kill them and can be the difference between 20% loos and 60% loss. I have a very specific protocol that I review with my patients before and after the procedure. The protocol your surgeon uses will depend on exactly how he/she harvested the fat, processed the fat, and injected the fat. Give your surgeon a call and discuss this with him/her. We are always willing to speak with our post-op patients who have questions. It is no bother at all.

BBL and Fat Survival

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The proper position for best fat survival is to sleep with a donut pillow and sleep on side to side. As far as sitting, need to lean forward to avoid pressure on the buttock. There is always going to be some fat that will not survive and time will show how much will take.

Buttock augmentation

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You should always ask your surgeon first. In general for my patients especially if they had their breasts done as well, they should find a position that is comfortable for them if it is on a side just don't stay in one position.

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