What Key Factors and Benefits Are Considered when Choosing Between Metal Braces and Surgical Alternatives?

What would be the most reliable option for having a healthy bite and reduce the risk of further problems later? When is surgery needed?

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When Is Jaw Surgery Actually Necessary?

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Many orthodontic patients have jaw size problems. Very few have jaw surgery. In the majority of patients, the teeth can be positioned within the jaws to hide or "camophlage" the discrepancy. There are two times when I require my patients to have surgery. First is when the problem is so big that we can't achieve a good result without it. Second is when a patient's cheif complaint will not be addressed by just moving the teeth. For example, if a patient thinks she is showing too much gum when she smiles, the only way to address that is with surgery. Be sure and discuss all of your concerns with your orthodontist so that you'll get the result you really want.

Albuquerque Orthodontist

Braces or Surgery??

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The two options have limitations. Surgery can achieve things braces along can never. Surgery is not always needed or even considered on certain cases. The most important factor to consider IF BOTH ARE AN OPTION...

Short answer: your face

Long answer: your soft tissue (face) balance and drape, your airway, your jaw joint, your bite, you goals, your finances, your willingness.

If you want to consider analysis your facial symmetry and proportion visit beautyanalysis dot com to educate yourself on Phi, something that is vital in determining what ideal is and if you want it.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

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