Help! Is this normal? Fue postoperative 8 weeks. 2300 grafts in front around forelock and hairline. Please advise. (photo)

I had tremendous swelling post op and the area was so red it was purple. Now I still have redness and the tissue seems like it is ridged and going to scar. The pinprick holes are still evident and the tissue has a rubbery feel to it? Also, the donor area in the back is still evident and the hair has a moth eaten quality to it. No hairs either yet on Recipient area. Been using aloe/vitamin e lotion to help healing? What can I expect at this point? Am I permanently scarred? Please advise. Thanks

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You may have scarring.  Maybe it is a normal healing process.  You can't say without an exam.

To be clear, FUE is NOT a scarless surgery and the rubbery bumps may be FUE scars (all 2300+ of them).  It may get better with time but only time will tell.  Any cut on the skin will leave a scar (FUE is not an exception). The moth eaten quality is a common description of what a FUE scar looks like with hairs cut short (especially when you don't have a high donor hair density).

If you are a math type of guy, 2300 FUE holes are equivalent to 2.8 square inch of bald skin that is contributing to the moth eaten look with your short hair cut.  (pi x (0.5mm)^2)x2300 ... convert this back to square inches

Redness and purple color is not typical.  You need to follow up with your doctor for a recheck.

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Dont worry

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Nothing seems to be too worryful.

Will like to go for wait and watch.

Redness can be due to minoxidil also.

Wait for two months and report.

Try switvhung over to mintop pro

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8 weeks concern following FUE

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Some people heal at slower rates than others. You should normalize over the next month or so. What I see doen't worry me. 

William Rassman, MD
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