Restylane and Trigeminal Neurolgia?

I have had Trigeminal Neurolgia and am now in remission i would like Restylane in the lower corners of my mouth but I am afraid it may trigger a futher Trigeminal Neurolgia attack, what is the possibility of this? Would a nerve block help whilst having it done?

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Restylane and Trigeminal Neurolgia

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You should discuss your concerns and timeline with your neurologist. I don't know how far into remission you are, and there are things to consider when doing procedures like this, such as how bad your last attack was. I have treated patients before with Trigeminal Neurolgia but discuss the situation and patient with the neurologist first.

Restylane and trigeminal neuralgia

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Always discuss your health history with your provider - and even have a second consult prior to treatment. If you've consulted with a well informed and reputable provider, you'll probably find it's just fine to continue treatment with any dermal filler at a low risk.

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