Concern about permanent scar tissue formation in both underarms following MiraDry treatment 18 months on. Can it be treated?

I had my first MiraDry 21m ago on Lv 2. My second treatment 3m later was performed on Lv 4 as the first was not very successful. Both were done by the clinic nurse. 18 months on there is still a residual lumpy appearance with suspected scar tissue or fibrous band formation in both underarms from damage to the underlying tissue. The area was massaged regularly. Have you seen this in your experience & can you recommend a therapy to help treat the damaged tissue? Most of the sweating has returned.

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The internal scarring is a rare occurrence and might be treated with cortisone injections. Have an iodine-starch test and if your sweat glands are gone from the underarm area, another treatment won't help. I also only use level 5.  

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MiraDry related permanent scarring is very rare and unlikely

This is a very rare occurrence and I have never seen this occur in my patients. I have done miraDry since 2011.

In my prctice, 90% of my patients require only a SINGLE miraDry procedure at Level 5. 

10% require a second procedure. 

1 in 300 needed a third procedure. 

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