JP drains in my groin after a TT, tubes pull my skin. Is it normal to feel so anxious?

Inverted T Tummy Tuck, breast lift with augmentation 13 days ago due to losing 110 lbs. About 40 cc drainage per day per bulb. No signs of infection outside but one had a little drainage yesterday. The drains pull on my skin and then after I have been up for awhile I start feeling weird in that area and very anxious like I am going to jump out of my skin everything starts to bother me noise, other people, light, etc. I just feel like I want to hide and cry. I have no idea what is going on

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Anxiety after plastic surgery

It sounds like you are having anxiety issues that are not related to the drains.  If your anxiety is getting out of control then let your plastic surgeon know so that a medication can be prescribed, if needed. 

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I would say that that amount of anxiety is outside the range that would be expected.  Discussing the issues with your surgeon will be more useful than getting advice from this site.

All the best. 

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