Will Jawline and Under Chin Liposuction Make my Face Shorter?

Hi, i already have a short face length..7inches..but i have extra fat under my chin and along my jawline. Will jawline/chin liposuction make my face look or actually be shorter in length? will a chin implant lengthen or shorten my face length? I am nervous that my face will look smaller in length. thanks!!

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Chin Liposuction

Your face will look more “chiseled” and sculpted; less round.  A chin implant will give a little length to the face, but they have their own set of issues.  Buccal fat pad removal of the cheek also diminishes the rounded face appearance.

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Chin Liposuction

Liposuction under the chin is designed to get rid of the fat that is present there.  It does not change any of the underlying bony structure.  When you smile, the fat under your chin gives a double chin appearance and that fat may contribute to an increased length in your face.  Chin liposuction is a common procedure that yields excellent results.

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No photos so really hard to provide a meaningful answer.

My advice is very simple:  Please listen to your feelings.  If you are not sure about a potential surgery.  Don't have it.  Some offices impose cancellation fees on last minute changes.  I would recommend to talk with them to avoid that kind of penalty.  Even still, if you had to make a choice between having a surgery you are not sure about and a financial penalty, you can earn more money.  However you only have one face.

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