Corner of my Front Tooth Bonding Chipped Again Should I Try to Get It Fixed Again?

I got bonding done 6 months ago, and yesterday the inside corner of my from tooth chipped. I went in today and got it fixed, but after eating a piece of pizza, it chipped again. Should I expect this to happen again if I get it fixed tomorrow?

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Corner of front tooth bonding keeps chipping

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I would not say this should be expected to happen that quickly.  Often times the products used and the techniques applied to placing the restoration will determine the long term outcome of a filling.  Do you need to have it fixed? It depends on how it makes you feel, does it hurt, are you feeling self-conscious about it?  It seems to bother you enough to bring you here.  I would think, at the very least, your dentist should repair this at no cost to you.  Talk with your dentist about your concerns, let him know you are looking for a long term fix.  You may discuss other treatment options for this tooth.  If this is a large area that has chipped, you may have issues with this tooth frequently.  Losing the restoration twice in a year period sometimes tells you an alternative is needed. 

Portland Dentist

Chipped bonding

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Bonding has limitations.  As compared to porcelain veneers it is weaker and discolors.  Once it chips adding new bonding to old bonding is difficult and often impossible because of the chemistry.  Usually it is best to remove the old bonding in its entirety and start over.  Porcelain veneers can be made to cover only a portion of the damaged tooth without having to cover the entire tooth front.  I call these "partial veneers".  They cost less than full veneers and will last indefinitely without chipping or discoloring.

Neal Nealis, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Tips to prevent your bonding from breaking....

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Unfortunately, we hear this complaint from time to time. If the bonding is properly executed than the restoration should not chip this quickly. Its important for the treating dentist to understand the mechanics of the patient's bite and how to properly handle the composite material. The chipped area of the enamel/dentin should be treated with the correct clinical steps to adequately apply the adhesive bonding liquid and resin together.  If you do not feel comfortable with your dentist's ability or how often the bonding has chipped or dislodged, than i would consider switching to a new dentist perhaps.

Robert Schulman, DMD, FACP
White Plains Dentist

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Corner of Front Tooth Bonding Keeps Chipping

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If you go back to the same dentist who is doing the exact same bonding, you can expect the exact same results. Not every dentist is well-educated and experienced in bonding and in occlusion ( the study of how your upper and lower teeth hit eachother). If that issue is not dealt with correctly, the bonding will probably chip once again.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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