I forgot to ask my PS. Is there much blood loss during a breast reduction? As compared to abdominal hysterectomy?

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Blood loss

Of course the answer depends on what you mean when you say "Much"  blood loss. It is very rare to have to transfuse somebody after breast reduction surgery. The blood loss depends on the size of the breast preoperatively, the patient's coagulation status and other factors. I would say on average it is significantly less than hysterectomy

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Blood loss should be minimal

Breast reduction surgery, if performed in the usual meticulous manner practiced by most highly skilled board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, should have minimal blood loss during the operative procedure.  Although most Plastic Surgeons use drains in the operative sites of the breasts, they are designed to remove normal serum that forms in the surgical site rather than blood.  Little to no blood loss should be expected from this type of surgery.

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Blood loss with breast reduction

Thank you for your question.  Blood loss from a breast reduction when your surgeon uses an epinephrine wetting solution should be minimal and tolerable for any healthy patient. I would expect the blood loss with a breast reduction to be less than a hysterectomy that is done for indications related to heavy bleeding.My best advice is to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon that uses epinephrine solution as part of their procedure.

Best, Dr. L

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I forgot to ask my PS. Is there much blood loss during a breast reduction? As compared to abdominal hysterectomy?

Since it has been a few decades since I have done a hysterectomy, I cannot compare the blood loss between the two procedures. Regarding a breast reduction, the blood loss should be minimal providing the dissection is done with a cutting coagulator and a wetting solution is used with epinephrine to constrict blood vessels as well as a long-acting anesthetic for reduction  of post operative pain.Thank you for your question. I will add that reduction mammoplasty patients have been among my happiest patients.

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