Itching After Alar Base Reduction, is This Normal?

It's been about six weeks post op for me, going on seven, and after the nostril reduction, the itching on the sides of the nostrils has been on some days almost unbearable. I notice some dead flaky skin where the incisions were and this flakes off when I scratch, but if I scratch too much I actually get some minor bleeding on the sides of the nostril. Is this kind of sensitivity/itching normal, and how long might it last? I've been taking antihistamines every day.

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Itching after Alar Base Reduction

This itching and flaking 7 weeks after alar base reduction is not normal. This skin condition should be treated with topical ointments prescribed by your physician, but not by continuous scratching that is causing bleeding. This will last until appropriately medicated.

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Itching after rhinoplasty

It is not uncommone to have some itching as the incisions begin to heal.  More than likely they are dry and need moisturizer.  An exam is probably a good idea.

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Itching post rhinoplasty

It sounds like in might be seborrhoeic dermatitis.  Suggest you try a steroid cream, or Eryacne even better.  Definitely worth calling your surgeons office to let them know.  Your GP might well be able to help. 

Should be easily treatable!

Good luck.

Care after rhinoplasty

you must ask your doctor for his instructions.  you may need topical cortisone or moisturizer.  clariton can help

this reaction may be dermatits,  normal healing,  dryness.

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