Is It Possible to Have Alar Base Reduction, Nose Tip Lift and Nose Bump Removal in One Session?

I'm overall a pretty confident person. There is just one thing that truly bothers me. MY NOSE! I think it's too big for my face. I know that I do want a Alar base reduction. Also, when I smile, my nostrils pull up with my smile. It causes my nose to look like it's drooping. I'm not sure, but I think a nose lift would help that. but what else would you guys recommend to make my nose more suiting to my face?

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What Is A Complete Rhinoplasty?

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In the hands of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, a true rhinoplasty can re-shape the tip, the dorsum, and alar bases to make your nose match your face in a natural fashion. That is really the signature of an excellent rhinoplasty, one that does not look done, but Looks Natural and Matches One’s Face. Choose your surgeon wisely.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty Surgery

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The three procedures you mentioned can be performed in one session. You may benefit from slightly lifting the tip, which will decrease the drooping appearance that takes place when smiling.  Eliminating the small nasal hump will help improve the appearance of your nose as well. Overall, it is a personal preference as to what changes you would like to make.  The procedures can be performed subtly to enhance your own natural features, without having it appear you had any surgery. Thank you, and I hope this helps answer your question.

Dr. Nassif

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Multiple changes can be achieved with one rhinoplasty

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All of the maneuvers would normally be performed at one surgery. I prefer the open rhinoplasty approach for this combination of enhancements. Alar (nostril) base reduction, hump reduction and narrowing with osteotomies (gently breaking the nose), upward rotation of the nasal tip, increasing tip projection, and narrowing and refining the tip are all possible changes for your nose as photographed. Of course, a thorough evaluation and consultation in person is essential to determine the ideal plan for you. Good luck.

Steven Goldman, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Is It Possible to Have Alar Base Reduction, Nose Tip Lift and Nose Bump Removal in One Session?

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Sure.  That's about a 1 hour Rhinoplasty and should not be an issue for a weel trained, experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty recommendations

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Regarding your first question, all of the procedures that you list (Alar Base Reduction, Nose Tip Lift and Nose Bump Removal) may be performed in one session. Regarding your second question, although your photos help, it is difficult for a surgeon to make specific recommendations without examining you in person. It would serve you well to receive individualized recommendations that are tailored to your concerns and preferences. That is best done during a personal consultation with a board certified surgeon. Good luck to you.

James M. Pearson, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You can certainly get the result you desire in one session.

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Absolutely! With rhinoplasty many techniques can be used to improve the appearance of the nose in the same session. While alar base reduction is done to make the base of the nose look narrower, it is typically used in African-American or Hispanic noses which tend to have a wider alar base. In addition, these types of noses often need extra support in the nasal tip to give them more projection. Lastly, many noses have a strong nasal profile with a nasal hump. All three of these techniques can be safely done in the same rhinoplasty procedure. Discussion of these techniques and possible rhinoplasty begins by consulting a qualified facial plastic or plastic surgeon.  

Mark Hamilton, MD
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty Including Multiple Changes

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All the improvements you suggest should be done with your rhinoplasty surgery. You should consider narrowing your entire nose, including the tip and nasal base, lifting and refining the tip, and removing your dorsal hump. You want to achieve nasal balance and proportion with the surrounding facial features.


Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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There are a number of potential surgical options.I would recommend you see an experienced surgeon who can go over all of the potential options which would be best for your specific situation.

Rhinoplasty procedures

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Your photos are extremely helpful.  You have very nice facial features and I think a well performed rhinoplasty will really enhance your overall appearance.  The questions that you had with regards to your particular nose are very appropriate.  I would agree with each change to your nose that you would like to see.  I would better define and elevate the nasal tip,  Depending upon your profile after elevating the nasal tip, a dorsal onlay graft of your septal cartilage may be necessary.  Finally, I would agree with the assessment that you have made of your nostril width.  I think that a conservative alar base reduction would look terrific.  As others have mentioned, making the nostril smaller is not really the objective, which can result from Wehr incisions, but, narrowing the distance between the nostril insertion and the columella (the part of your nose between your nostrils) is really the objective. 

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD, FACS
Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Requires Numerous Manuevers For Successful Result

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All of the changes that you want to make on your nose are very typical and can be done in one rhinoplasty surgery. Your nose and your desired changes comprise common elements of an ethnic rhinoplasty aiming towards a smaller and more refined nose. There are limits as to how refined your nose can become due to the thickness of your skin however. I would make sure that you see computer imaging predictions before your procedure so you have a realistic understanding as to what rhinoplasty can achieve for you.

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