I had silhouette thread lift yesterday. I believe it has gone wrong but doctor says wait. I am worried.

straight after my skin was really bunched up at entry point. I have no pain unless I make big faciAl movements but I can feel the threads under the skin and my cheeks are lumpy and bumpy and uneven. Is this normal? I have said I want them removed and a refund. But doctor says to wait, however my wedding is in 3 weeks so I need to make a decision now. Can u advise? I very obviously look like I had a facelift from the skin bunching etc however I see very very little actual improvement. Very worried

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Skin bunching after thread lift

EVERY patient has bunching of the skin after a Silhouette thread lift. This is normal and expected. The majority of the bunching resolves within 3-5 days, and a small amount takes several weeks to resolve.

Good luck and congratulations!

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