I had silhouette thread lift yesterday. I believe it has gone wrong but doctor says wait. I am worried.

straight after my skin was really bunched up at entry point. I have no pain unless I make big faciAl movements but I can feel the threads under the skin and my cheeks are lumpy and bumpy and uneven. Is this normal? I have said I want them removed and a refund. But doctor says to wait, however my wedding is in 3 weeks so I need to make a decision now. Can u advise? I very obviously look like I had a facelift from the skin bunching etc however I see very very little actual improvement. Very worried

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Silhouette Instalift Results

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During a Silhouette Instalift all patients have the skin bunched up at the entry point. This is a normal process and expected for all patients. Do not worry; this bunching appearance will improve within five days. You will be presentable for your wedding. Generally patients who undergo Silhouette Instalift can return to normal activities in just a few weeks. Your doctor was correct in advising you to wait. If you do not see an improvement in five day, go ahead and consult your doctor again.

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Removing silhouette sutures

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I would definitely follow closely with your surgeon before removing them.  

The bunching of skin typically does resolve within days to weeks.  It is not too early to cut the sutures and release some of the tension/tethering that it may be causing.  I would recommend visiting with your surgeon for follow-up.

Skin bunching after thread lift

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EVERY patient has bunching of the skin after a Silhouette thread lift. This is normal and expected. The majority of the bunching resolves within 3-5 days, and a small amount takes several weeks to resolve.

Good luck and congratulations!

Robert S. Bader, MD, FAAD
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