Can I travel alone to undergo top surgery (FTM)?

I'm 28 y.o. gender-queer person, lately I've finally decided I wanted to have FTM top surgery. I talked to a few surgeons, but regardless of whom I choose none of them works in my country. I'm sure I'll not have anyone to accompany me for my surgery abroad, do you think I can manage it on my own in the first days post-op? Thank you very much!

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Travelling for top surgery

It is possible to travel for top surgery.  However, you should plan to stay in the city for at least two, and preferably three, weeks post surgery. 

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Travelling for surgery

When you travel away from home for a surgical procedure, you should be prepared to stay near to your surgeon for 1-2 weeks. Specifically for FTM top surgery, you will be able to come to your post-op appointments via taxicab or Uber. The pain level with this surgery is NOT as severe as with other major surgeries. You will not be bedridden at all.

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Traveling alone for FTM surgery

Yes, it is entirely possible for you to have surgery and travel alone.  Depending upon the type and extent of the procedure, there are a number of possible scenarios.  IF you wish further information about how to arrange for this surgery, suggest you contact me.
You will find more info about this topic on my website, captioned below.
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