Dissolvable fillers in jaw in May (Restylane?). Woke up now and jaw on one side swollen. Swollen area spread to under lip. Why?

Swollen area is getting bigger. Not painful unless I touch it. swelling not squishy, more like hard lump. Can feel it a lot if put my finger in mouth and feel under lip area towards jaw. No cause, no trauma. Just woke up this morning and got worse throughout day. Worried it is to do with the fillers. Could it be? What can be done?

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Get it Checked Out

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It's doubtful that you would experience a reoccurrence of swelling because of Restylane with the timeline you provided. I recommend contacting your Dr. for an evaluation. If necessary, it can be dissolved and a differet filler used next time. Best, Dr. Emer

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Restylane side-effects

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It is very unlikely that the area that you are feeling is due to RESTYLANE as it was injected 5 months ago. Check with your family doctor to see what is going on

Melvin Elson, MD
Nashville Dermatologist
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Swelling Long after the Restlyane Injection

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Hi and thanks for sharing your question here! Given the long time passed, I do not think it is very likely that the swelling that you have on one side is related to your May Restylane injection. It can be due to allergy or possibly dental issues or other underlying processes. If it persists, I recommend that you see a physician to address your concern and get the proper work-up done.


Elham Jafari, MD
Irvine Physician
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