Is Lifestyle Lift the Same As Contour Thread Lift?

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Contour Thread lift and Lifestyle lift are not the same.

There is no textbook are scientific articles which describes exactly what the Lifestyle Lift is and therefore it is very difficult to describe what this procedure entails.

Let me give you an analogy, it would be similar to asking why Brand name products don't taste the same as home made products. Why? Because you don't have the recipe.

We don't know the recipe for the Lifestyle lift and therefore it is hard to explain what is going on. Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, there is no definite recipe. This seems to be different among different surgeons and centers.

However, it typically does describe a version of a short scar facelift or a "mini-lift". This typically requires surgery and some separation of the skin from the deep tissues with wound closure of varying lengths in front of the ear typically measuring 2 inches in length. We do not know what else is involved.

Contour Thread Lift is a technique that I used to perform that involves NO separation of the skin but uses small punctures to place the threads. Patients tended to complain about the visibility, palpability, or awareness of the permanent threads and the results did not seem to be long-lasting nor predictable.

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Lifestyle Lift not the same as Contour Thread Lift

The lifestyle lift and the contour thread lift are not the same thing.

The lifestyle lift is a branded mini face lift done with local anesthesia (not by me). The contour lift was done by threading a long barbed suture under the skin.

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Lifestyle Lift not the same as Contour Thread Lift

The contour thread lift uses barbed sutures through small needle punctures in the skin to tighten the face. It enjoyed initial popularity but was rapidly exposed as not meeting expectations. The company has since removed the contour threads from the market because it lacked any efficacy. The lifestyle lift is a branded procedure backed by aggressive marketing and sales. it is essentially a minimally invasive face lift done under local anesthesia with or without liposuction of the neck.

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Options to Threadlift and Lifestyle Lift him

The only thing similar to a contour thread lift and lifestyle lift is that both companies have become bankrupt. You have many options however for facial rejuvenation. See link below:

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Thread lift vs contour lift

Thread lifts (contour lift) use permanent sutures that are placed under the skin. The names change based on marketing but the anatomical principle is the same. The results are temporary because they do not access the prime issue with ageing: Descent of the structures that contain muscles (fascia). In a facelift, the main fascial system is elevated and sutured to another fascial system which provides longer-lasting results because this is the strength layer.  While people are a bit anxious about getting a facelift, it has lasted for more than 30 years because is addresses the anatomy of ageing not the marketing hype of the time.  In the thread lift only the skin is elevated and as we all know, skin is elastic and over time sags.  The procedure can cost anywhere from $3-$6000 depending on your geographic locale.  As I mentioned, the sutures are permanent and if placed to superficial can cause irritation to the skin.  Good technique is always critical to the success of any surgical procedure. See a board certified plastic surgeon to assess what is best for you.

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A contour thread lift is not the same as a lifestyle lift...

A threadlift is not the same as a Lyfestyle lift.  A threadlift is a procedure that uses long sutures with little dissolvable stops on them that are placed into small incisions in the hairline.  It works by lifting the sagging of the cheeks, but not the jowls or neck.  The Lifestyle lift is a brand name that refers to a minifacelift.  An incision is made in the creases around the ear and the sagging tissues of the jawline and neck are tightened with multiple sutures, and then the excess skin is removed.  It does not improve the cheeks.  Both procedures can be done under local anesthesia.  If you are considering either procedure make sure to consult a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon to see which procedure you are a better candiate for. 

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Is Lifestyle Lift the Same As Contour Thread Lift?

No matter the "branding" of the facelift, it is do you obtain the desired results? If you are the correct candidate than either could work but if you are not than you wasted $'s. ALWAYS best to see boarded PSs for expert analysis of your issues. Remember, LSL will operate on everyone like a conveyor belt. Contour lifts are very very specific options. Be careful out there. 

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