Pocket too big causing the implant to move laterally right after BA surgery- is this caused by my PS making it too big?

My right implant immediately slid laterally after surgery and is now under my armpit when I lay flat and moves all around. Only a week post op right now. Two questions 1. If I need internal sutures to repair the pocket, would you suggest doing that to both sides and underneath of both implants to make sure they stay put or just the one having the issue and 2. Since this happened right away, is this from my PS making the pocket too large and she'd need to cover costs to repair?

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Employ your surgeon's revision policy

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but if truly from day one, your surgeon bears some responsibility for your outcome and should work with you in every way possible to control your costs and to get a desired outcome.  And once the pocket is opened up, you have to heal in order to fix this... and it means giving it time before you have your revision.  If you have saline implants, they can be deflated to allow the pocket to shrink some, making the revision easier.  If gel, you'll have to wait it out and repair the capsule/diminish the pocket down the road.  And if this only impacts one side, don't mess with the side that isn't an issue...  In my hands, the revision procedure would require that you wear a cut out underwire bra for 6-8 weeks 24/7 (that does mean even in the shower) so make sure you understand what your surgeon's recovery and restrictions will be so you can be fully prepared.

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Early Displacement

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From your description, it sounds like surgeon error. Regardless, you'll need to wait a minimum of 4 months to ensure full development of a capsule. At that point you can decide whether you want the same doctor to fix you, or an ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon who specializes in revision breast surgery. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Pocket too big after BA

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Thank you for your question. My advice is to discuss your concerns with your surgeon. If additional surgery is needed I would recommend only addressing the side that is affected. Good luck


Mehdi K. Mazaheri, MD
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