2 Ipls Have Had No Effect on Lentigos at Derm Office. One of the Other Doctors Has Suggested Yag.what Do You Think?

I am now 5 weeks after ipl treatment on hands arms and face to try and fade or erase lentigos as diagnosed by derm. I am skin type II, and i see no change in my spots. Doctor used Lynton ipl and another doc says he will try yag. I would be grateful for your comments thanks Ally

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IPL is extremely effective on Lentigos with a good IPL device and the proper settings.

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The best IPL's are very effective in treating Lentigos.  The most effective IPL ever made was the VascuLight made about ten years ago by ESC and then Lumenis.  The Quantum and Lumenis One are also and excellent IPL devices also made by Lumenis.    Many of the newer IPLs have been "dumbed down" to the point that they are safe to sell to medispas, but not as effective.  It may be that the device you were treated with is not optimum or the settings were too conservative.

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NdYag and Ruby laser treat Lentigines

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While we have several IPL's in our offices our Dermatologic and laser surgeons prefer the NDYAG (found in our West Islip office) or the Ruby laser to treat these benign non dangerous lesions. When utilizing the IPL it requires more visits and may be more likely to have an adverse side effect . Usually with the lasers only one or two treatments are required to remove the lentigo.

IPL Removal of Lentigos

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Since the development of the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) nearly 18 years ago, there are now over 20 different companies that make a variety of IPL devices. Not all IPLs are the same. I do not know what a Lynton IPL is. Solar lentigos should easily resolve if the right IPL is performed properly with the correct settings. I use the Lumenis M22 IPL. Solar lentigos can also be removed with a variety of lasers including a Q-switched 532 nm Nd:YAG, Alexandrtie or Ruby laser as well as a long pulsed Alexandrtie laser. It is important to go to a dermatologic surgeon who has a variety of laser/IPL devices so that the right machine can be used to treat your specific problem.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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