How Much Does Sun Exposure Affect IPL Treatment Results?

I am thinking of doing a ipl treatment but some people say that it is better to do it during winter time when the sun is not so strong. Does the amount of sun matter for the results of the treatment?

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Sun Exposure and IPL

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Sun exposure absolutely affects IPL. The IPL is trying to get rid of sun and age spots, discolorations, uneven tones and textures, etc. - all caused by the sun. If you go into the sun a lot, or worse, tan!, the effects will be minimal, at best, because you are continuing to cause harm to your skin. If you wear sunscreen and try to avoid sun exposure, it's fine to do your treatments any time during the year. Additionally, sun exposure means the laser settings will need to be turned down a bit, so you can't have as strong of treatment settings, so that means you will need more treatments done to get the same effects as if you're not out in the sun.

IPL Treatments and Sun Exposure

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Sun exposure will absolutely have an effect on the results of your IPL treatments.  If you are trying to get rid of pigmentation with the IPL laser, and you continue to be in the sun, your pigmentation will come right back.  It is fine to do the treatments in the spring or summer as long as you are diligent about using sunscreen.  Wearing a hat is also highly advised!

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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