IPL Settings Suggested For Light Pigmentation Therapy On Face?

Hi there! I am interested in going for light pigmentation therapy in my face. I am seeing a therapist using IPL and am sceptical of what setting should be used. Its measured in Joules right? So would 30 j/cm2 be safe enough to treat this or should it be higher? I dont want blisters etc in my face, I do understand that darkening should occur, what would you suggest? The lense to be used - must that be a specific colour or is a 640 mn lense right? I am a medium skin colour.

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IPL settings are specific to each machine

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None of us can answer this question for you because IPL settings are specific to each type of machine. Additionally, some machines have additional settings to consider, so even though sometimes the joules may be lower another type of energy in the machine is higher, which raises the strength of the IPL being done. So, frankly, we can't tell you and you'll need to just make sure you go to a qualified office with a physician whose staff is well-trained.

IPL settings

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You cannot  get the right answer without knowing the exact brand and version of laser / IPL that is being used. If anyone gives you a response with a Joule setting , please disregard. All filters , power , energy , spot sizes etc make the difference with lasers so no one can answer your question right now safely. you are right that settings need to be adjusted for skin type and issue being treated. Be sure a dermatologist reviews your settings before being used 

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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