IPL or Pearl Laser Treatment for Brown Spots, Fine Wrinkes and Acne Scars

I am a 40 year old women with moderate sun damage, some fine lines around the eyes & red marks/small indents on my cheeks from Acne. I have been told the Pearl (nonfractional) goes 100 microns deep into the skin vs 1000 microns for a Pearl Fractional, & that is the same depth as an IPL. Is this correct & if so, can I really expect better results from the Pearl (non-fractional) than an IPL? Can you tell me what to expect for the recovery period for the Pearl compared to the IPL and Fractional?

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Pearl Laser

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For red marks, IPL is best, and the browns, the IPL is my preferred device.  They are two totally different devices and are complementary, not either-or choices.  The IPL is non-ablative, and will not tighten the skin the way Pearl or fractional will.  I like to use all 3 on patients with specific concerns.  Pearl/Fractional  micro ablates the skin in a fractional pattern, the IPL covers everything.

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Pearl vs. IPL

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It's difficult to say exactly how much recovery time you will need from a procedure, especially when we're talking about IPL, Pearl and Pearl Fractional.  Each of these treatments can vary greatly in their intensity, which will in turn influence the recovery period.   Generally speaking, Pearl should be better able to address color and texture than IPL.  For any acne scars, pitting or deeper lines, I would definitely recommend the Pearl Fractional.   Often times with patients in our office we actually combine the treatments, so each area of the face and concern can be addressed with the best device or devices. For most patients, with IPL or Pearl there are a few days of redness and sunburned appearance, then a bronzing and then peeling.  (generally about 5 days) For the Pearl Fractional, depending on intensity recovery can be as short as 5 days but up to 10 for an intense treatment. 

Grant Stevens, MD
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