Pearl Laser Vs. Pearl Fractional Laser?

I am considering getting laser treatment with the Pearl, but I'm confused by the different names. What's the difference between the Pearl laser and the Pearl fractional laser?

Is it correct that "Pearl Fusion" is just the name for having a combo treatment with both lasers? Which laser (or the combo) is best for treating sun damage, wrinkles, and large pores?

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Pearl Laser

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Fractional Pearl is a deep treatment for tightening, but will not remove the spots on the face.  The coverage is a lower percentage with the fractional.  The Pearl is 100% ablation of the top surface, but does less tightening.

Danville Plastic Surgeon
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The Pearl laser is different from the Pearl fractional.

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The Pearl laser is total shallow resurfacing technique that does an excellent job on minor sun damage.  The Pearl fractional is a deeper treatment but delivers fractionated coverage (checkerboard) attempting to get the results of a total CO2 resurfacing (very aggressive treatment) without the collateral.  I don't think any fractional laser is working out as planned.  So, if you have minor skin discoloration issues, the conventional Pearl does a great job with minimal downtime and very few complications.  I winkles, acne scars, deep sun damage, a fully ablative laser works (CO2) but is very aggressive with side effects.  Fractional lasers don't work well.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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