Which Produces Better Results, Pearl Fractional or Fraxel Repair?

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Pearl Laser

In the right hands, both are effective in improving your skin tone and texture.  Most important is to see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Fraxel repair or Pearl Fractional, Which is Better?

Hi Blah Blah Baby Down Under,

I think that both technologies give very good results. I am very familar with Fraxel repair , having experience with it over the past two years since it's debut.

I have seen before and after pictures of Pearl fractional which looked good. I have not seen any actual patients who have had the treatment.

As both lasers can give excellent results, I believe that you should concentrate on choosing an experienced and skilled physician whom you trust to perform your laser skin rejuvenation. In this case, it will be your physician, and not the specific laser system that will help you achieve your best results in a safe manner.

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