IPL for Acne?

Does IPL disables the overactive oil glands, causing them to shrink and controls the overproduction of sebum (oil)?

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IPL and acne

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We have had good results for people with active acne and overactive sebaceous glands when treating with a combination of ALA (Levulan) and IPL or ALA and BLU-U (Blue Light/Photodynamic therapy).  There is more down time and peeling with this version of the treatment but it helps a great deal to control the active acne and improve discoloration from previous breakouts. While doing treatments and after you finish you should also consider a good at home regimen for optimal results that can be discussed with your provider.


Dr. Grant Stevens              Marina del Rey, CA               Marina Plastic Surgery                The Institute

Headed for Disappointment

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IPL can work great for treating photodamaged skin and redness.  I think you will be very unhappy and feel that you have wasted your money using IPL to treat overactive oil glands.  I think you will get better results, and less costly ones, seeking more traditional care.

IPL can be useful for Acne

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Depending on the severity of your acne and how much downtime you were comfortable with, IPL can be used alone or in combination with levulan, a photosensitizer, and blue light to help treat and control acne.

Alternatively, you may want to opt for the Isolaz PPX acne treatment if it is available in your immediate area. Isolaz PPX uses a combination of vacuum suction and broadband light to clean out pores and kill the bacteria that causes acne.

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Ipl for acne

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the answer is .... maybe.  I could conceivably see some heat causing a disruption in sebaceous activity but I believe, assuming the correct wavelength filter is used, that light energy can cause the acne causing bacteria to commit suicide by inducing a release of porphyrins when exposed thus reducing inflammation in the pore.


Dr. Malouf

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