Involuntary Spasms After Botox?

I'm having involuntary brow spasms 6 weeks after Botox injections for the "11" lines between my eyebrows. The dr. injected 18 units in a triangular pattern from mid brow to just above the bridge of my nose.

The spasms happen on their own a couple of times a day and also if I press on my brow or lower forehead. The spasm makes my forehead pucker up in a way I never could have made before Botox. Sometimes it will just be on one half of my forehead, sometimes both. It is VERY strange looking! What is causing this?

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Benign Fasiculations

What you are having are benign fasiculations or twitching of the muscles. These are the same things many people get of their eyelids. In fact my web writer had these for days before she talked to me. There are several reasons such as eye strain (working on the computer too much), allergies and most importantly mineral deficiencies. Muscles need calcium, magnesium and potassium to work effectively. I recommend supplementing your diet with some calcium gluconate, magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride for a few days and see how it works.

It's not the Botox at issue. The paralytic effect of the Botox would not lead to muscle spam even in nearby muscles.

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Dear Taylor Made, the spasms are due to not enough botox being injected and this is easily treated with the addition of more botox to the muscles that are spasming.  This can ocurr again if a smaller number of units is used for a subsequent treatment in a few months.

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