What to Do About Eyelid Swelling After Botox?

Eight days ago, I had 1 vial of Botox injections. My eyelids have become increasingly swollen. I also have high, puffy cheekbones that makes the situation worse. I can barely open my eyes. Can I put a cold compress on my eyes or do something else to reduce the swelling?

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See your physician

You must contact your physician who performed this treatment. They know how many units they used and the places they were inserted. Cold compresses should not affect the good Botox result adversely but again, have your physician see you in person to examine your condition.

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Eye swelling following Botox injection

In my experience, it seems that many paitents who have botox injected for the first time, experience eyelid swelling that generally resolves by two weeks.

In general, methods of achieving less swelling include ice compresses, elevation of the head at night while sleeping, etc.

In rare instances, anti-inflammatory agents may be prescribed orally or via eye drops. However, these are typically prescribed by a physician,

In any case, discuss your concerns and condition with your physician who is best equipped to diagnose and treat your problem

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Seek medical attention for prolonged swelling

Botox injections should not cause eyelid swelling, and certainly not lasting for 8 days. You should go back to that doctor, or to your ophthalmologist for follow up. You may have an infection or an altogether unrelated problem. You may need steroids, antibiotics, or further workup.

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