Will Invisalign Work After Jaw Surgery?

I have recently gone to an orthodontist and was told that I needed jaw surgery to correct my underbite (it's really small, the front of my top teeth touch the back of my bottom teeth, there's no space) I was wondering, if I get this surgery to correct my bite, could I get invisalign after to straighten the teeth? My teeth are already straight, just not perfect. So would invisalign be an option, or am I stuck with conventional braces?

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No one is stuck with braces anymoe

You are not stuck with wearing braces anymore, even when there is a need for jaw surgery. Many of the most sophisticated orthodontists who use Invisalign are also using it for their patients who also need to have orthognathic surgery. Make sure you discuss with your orthodontist whether or not you are a candidate to use Invisalign to make your orthodontic changes even if you need to have some surgical correction.

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Jaw Surgery

Typically, jaw surgery requires that you get conventional fixed braces before the surgery to decompensate and align the teeth. The braces remain on your teeth until about 6 months after the surgery to finalize the position of the bite. There are a few oral surgeons and orthodontists who have done orthognathic surgery with invisalign, but it is not the norm.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
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