How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost for Only Upper Teeth?

In short: had braces from 4th-6th grade; teeth were fine up until 10th grade when they began to shift (mostly my two front teeth); I've gone to two orthodontists. The 1st recommended something called Simpli5 (never heard of it) and the second did an analysis and said that I have a 33% overbite and my front tooth (left side) is shifted 3mm outwards? What's the estimated cost for this if I were to do InvisalignExpress? I know answers will vary by location, so if it helps, I live in Dallas, TX. Responses are very much appreciated!

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Invisalign Express is $3000-5000, but NEVER do one arch

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Remember one thing when shopping around, you'll need retainers at the end, make sure you have that calculated into the cost. Express works great for cases like yours. I dont have experience with the other companies.

Never do just one arch..there are always bite issues that need to be addressed when moving any teeth, upper or lower..its all the same price anyway, invisalign doesnt charge us less for just one arch and they frown upon doing it for patients.

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign Express is a flat fee

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There is no cost benefit to upper arch only for Invisalign, express or full. Normally, Express will cost around $3-4000, but only applies if it can be done with 10 aligners or less.

Simpli5 is a good product, so if your case can be completed that way, I would not avoid it just because you are not familiar with it.


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Usually when you straighten the upper teeth, you have to also straighten the bottom so that the bite is right. Cost for one arch is the same for both arches in terms of Invisalign's material fee.

David Cheng, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Aligner treatment options

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Simpli 5 is a set of 5 clear aligners that move your teeth. It is made by AOA laboratories and is used for minor tooth movement. Simpli 5 tends to be less expensive than invisalign express because there is less tooth movement needed to align the teeth.

Invisalign Express for the upper arch tends to run between $3500-5500. The price will vary depending on location, amount of movement needed, and whether a GP or orthodontist is treating you. I hope this is helpful.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

If you want to save money, try getting creative

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I am not a big fan of wheeling and dealing, but if you want to get a deal, maybe you should find another person or 2 who also need teeth corrected and find out if there is a dentist or orthodontist in the area that will give you a special price if you all become patients and get treatment done together. With an orthodontist there may not be much of an advantage to this, but for a general dentist they may be able to benefit from the cleanings, exams and xrays that will be done while you are patients.

What I would suggest is asking an Invisalign dentist if they will provide this deal in return you and your friends would promise to spend 2 years in the dental practice as a patient. Let them know that you won't miss your appointments and you will be flexible with the Invisalign appointments. If you can fill in the gaps in a doctor's otherwise loose schedule, they may not feel it is as costly to provide treatment. I don't know if you'll find anyone to take you up on that but it may be worth a try.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Invisalign Express 5

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The cost of Invisalign varies by the number of retainers needed to achieve the desired result. Many of the answers I have read by some dental professionals unfortunately are incorrect. Simple tooth movement may be effective for only a single arch and often both arches do not need to be treated together. The process to design your smile starts with either a scan or impressions of your teeth. The Dentist will then prescribe a treatment based on the number of trays for teeth movement. Let's say Express 5. The software will show the maximum shift and best result with this number of retainers. Often we will need to move to a different system with more trays. Example Express 10. If we can achieve the result great, if not, the treatment may need to move to a full case. Always start conservative, assess then reevaluate to see if more aligners and time is required. Fail to Plan, Plan to fail.

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