What to Do if Invisalign Didn't Work?

Done with Invisalign treatment and teeth still have space and my top front teeth still bite down on my bottom and now my tooth has chipped and I told my ortho that they were doing this and he didn't change anything.

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Invisalign has limitations

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Depending on level of expectations, Invisalign can work very well.  However, teeth don't always move as predicted by the computer and some refinement (new trays) may be needed, or even a few traditional methods (brackets and wires) to finish the job.

I would suggest talking with your provider to see what they think.  They may have a solution, and it might be very simple.

Talk with your orthodontist

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I would recommend talking to your orthodontist about your concerns with your teeth. It may be that you need to get more invisalign trays to finish out your treatment and do the final detailing. Alternatively, Invisalign does have some limitations and it may be that invisalign has taken your teeth as far as they are going to move and that another approach, like braces, may be needed to help fix what you are concerned about. But, once again, I would first speak with your orthodontist about this and see what he has to say.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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