Is Invisalign Treatment Plan Computer-generated?

If it is all planned out by computer what exactly does the orthodontist do? Just curious. I have already started my treatment.

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Is Invisalign Computer gnerated?

Although an Invisalign treatment is generated by a computer there are mayn different approaches a dentist can take to treat a case. As Invisalign Providers we create treatment plan preferences and the computer will generate a treatment plan based on those preferences. However, we as providers stil need to go in a create changes and adjustments to the planned treatment usually several times until we get the case to finish the way we want. .

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Invisalign modern dentist guided computer miracle

Invisalign is truly one of the modern computer miracles technology has brought to dentistry.  The impressions and bites are converted into 3D virtual computer models that then can  allow the teeth to be moved by the computer in proper order to allow ideal results in the least time.  There is no guessing.  However, as with all technology, human input and guidance is needed and sometimes the body does not respond the way the program says it will, so there is the ability to modify or change during therapy or before therapy and that is where good communication between the computer technicians and the treating dentist is important.  The goals of the patient and dentist are inputted into the design of the Invisalign treatment plan or clincheck.  It is a wonderful process with great results possible in less time with more comfort and easier maintenance it chosen and done correctly.

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Is invisalign treatment planned computer generated

The entire invisalign prcoess is planned on a computer.  The impressions that are taken are scanned into a computer and then a computer simulation is created based on the dentists recommendations and used to show patients the final results that they should expect.  Once accepted the trays are fabricated by robots at invisalign

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Computers and dentists work together for Invisalign treatment.

When your records are sent off to the Invisalign lab the dentist makes specifications for your treatment on a prescription. At the lab, the impressions are digitized and are placed through a program which "roughs out" the treatment. There are highly trained technicians who then proceed to make sure the dentist's guidlines are followed. The case is a collaberation between you, your dentist and the technician at Invisalign, and takes good communication to make sure your goals are met. The software Align has produced is very powerful and intuitive, and is backed by years of research on tooth movement data. Together these things all work to make Invisalign a dependable and predictable way to achieve straight teeth.

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Dentists use the computer to treatment plan Invisalign cases

While there may be SOME dentists or orthodontists that just use the computer to plan cases, I believe most plan along with Align technicians all of their cases.  Align knows the limitations of the technology, the dentist knows the patient and the goals.  It is truly a team effort.

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The dentist tells the computer how to manufacture Invisalign aligners

From the patients point of view it might seem very simple for the dentist to use the Invisalign technique to move teeth. In reality the dentist 1. diagnoses the orthodontic problem, 2. Plans out how the problem will be corrected. 3. tells Invisalign how to manufacture the aligners. A significant amount of time goes into the planning process. Best of luck with your aligners!

Zola A Makrauer, DMD
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Why Do I Still Need an Orthodontist If I'm Getting Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the most remarkable technologies in orthodontics in the past 20 years. Computer generated aligners that move teeth sequentially from crooked to straight without brackets or wires is a scientific wonder. At first glance it might seem like your orthodontist just opens a box of pre-made aligners, hands you a set, you wear them, and your teeth magically get straight. In reality, your orthodontist spends hours diagnosing, treatment planning, and custom designing your aligners with the Invisalign company (Align Technology) well before you ever see your first aligner. Invisalign is merely a tool in the hands of a trained doctor. A computer cannot diagnose or treatment plan your case. It can only control a manufacturing process determined by your orthodontist. Examples of the decisions your orthodontist has to make on your behalf include 1) what problems exist, 2) can they be fixed with plastic aligners, 3) how will crowding be resolved (expansion, slenderizing, or extraction), 4) how will the overbite be fixed (top teeth back or bottom teeth forward), 5) how will the arches be leveled (top teet up or bottom teeth down), 6) which attachments will be required to get the desired tooth movements, 7) how fast can a tooth safely and effectively be moved, and the list goes on. Once your doctor has submitted your prescription, a technician (not a doctor) programs the desired movements into the computer. After the treatment plan is in place, it is sent back and forth between the technician and the doctor until he is 100% satisfied with the setup. Then and only then are the aligners manufactured according to your orthodontist's plan. While you are in treatment it is important for your orthodontist to see you periodically to track your progress, add attachments, and adjust the shape of the teeth if necessary. He may have to add rubber bands along the way or even order a second set of aligners to finish the job correctly (called a revision). As you can see, there is a lot more that goes into Invisalign treatment than is visible to the patient. That is the reason why some doctors are "good" at Invisalign while others may only see failure.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
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Cad Cam Invisalign

The computer technology allows the technician to read the CT scans and to create 3D models. They then can orthodontically virtually move the teeth on the screen.

The dentist plans the entire treatment. He/she will dictate wether the case needs, arch expansion, rotation, proclination, interproximal stripping etc.

The best dentists will allow for a treatment plan that may take 12-15 months to prevent stripping.

If Align technology only did the planning then most patients would get 15 aligners wilth loads of initial stripping; this is in order to reduce the number of aligners and the manufacturing costs. Simlpi5, social 6 are examples of limited ortho.

So the dentist does the saying and Invisalign does the doing!

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