How Thick Should an Invisalign Tray be?

i'm 49,and starting invisalign,I have front upper teeth a little crowded and monolateral crossbite (last 2 molars) my orthodontist said can be fixed in 18 months (i'm waiting for clincheck)and told me that the trays thickness are 0.7 mmm .On invisalign site I read that should be 0,3 mmm,is it possible?Thankyou. regards Maurizio. forgive my english I'm italian.

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Invisalign tray thickness

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Align Inc states that the tray thickness is 0.3 mm.  Having done many Invisalign cases I can confirm that the trays are of a uniform thickness which varies little.  You should feel comfortable with Align's quality control in terms of the material they use and the thickness of the trays.

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Invisalign trays are very thin

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While your dentist said 0.7 mm, they weren't very far off in their guess.  All aligners are made in the same place at the same time and will be the same thickness.  I believe 0.3 is what they say, but I have never used an instrument to check for sure.

The thickness of Invisalign

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Align Technology manufactures Invisalign aligners that are 0.3mm thick only.

The retainers are 0.4mm.

They are virtually unnoticeable and do not interfere with your speech.

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all aligners are the same material and the same thickness....I believe the .3 is the correct number

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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