Can You Play an Instrument with Invisalign Braces in Your Mouth?

I play the tuba in the marching and concert band. I have currently finished my invisalign impressions and I am waiting on my trays to come in. Will my trays become damaged if I keep them in while I am playing my instrument?

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Playing musical instruments OK with Invisalign.

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You should have no problem playing your tuba while undergoing Invisalign treatment. In fact, it will be easier to adapt your lip posture to the aligners than it would be to conventional braces. Of course, it would be ev en easier if you played the violin or other string instrument! :)

Mercer Island Orthodontist

You can play an instrument with Invisalign

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You shouldn't be concerned with wearing aligners and playing a wind instrument.  I have successfully treated many patients who have worn aligners and play a variety of wind instruments in college and professionally.  They have all mentioned that it is less trouble wearing Invisalign while playing then they thought it would be.

There may be a short adjustment period while you are wearing the aligners, but it shouldn't be long before you forget that you're even wearing them.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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