Invisalign for Teeth Whitening?

Okay, so i am getting the invisalign to fix my teeth issues and i have heard u can whiten ur teeth while wearing these trays. Is that true? If so how? Thanks!

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Invisalign and teeth whitening

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The Invisalign aligners can certainly be used as teeth whitening trays. I have had several of my patients use this technique with good success.

Toronto Dentist

Invisalign trays work well for whitening

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Invisalign aligners are already custom made for you and work well as trays for whitening your teeth.  My advise to my invisalign patients is to bleach their  teeth  during the first four weeks of treatment prior to placing the attachments, or at the end of treatment, after the attachments are removed.  Then the last set of aligners may be used for whitening. We offer our patients a complimentary whitening with every full invisalign case!  Hope this helps!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Aligners can hold the whitening gel

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As the others have already answered your aligners can hold gel to whiten your teeth. Some of the aligners dont reach to the gum line so you may have a small yellow strip near the gumline. Sometimes it works great,,depends on each patient.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Yes, aligners can be used for bleaching/whitening

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Yes, Invisalign aligners can be used for bleaching/whitening, Please be aware In many Invisalign cases we place what is called "attachments" on some of the teeth which is a tooth colored bonding material that covers a portion of the front surface of the tooth and will not whiten. Of course once the attachments have been removed you can go back and touch up those areas as needed.

Invisalign can work as bleaching trays

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While not as good as trays designed specifically for bleaching, the aligners from Invisalign can do a decent job of bleaching teeth. Simple apply some gel in the aligners and leave for a period of time (easiest is while you sleep).

The aligners do not always go all the way to the gum line, so there may be some areas that don't respond, but the results have been pretty good.

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