Can I Change Dentists While I'm Using Invisalign?

I have 9 U-aligner. I was supposed to have IPR in 4 places as prescribed at Align Technologies. However, my dentist forgot to do it. After wearing my 7th U-aligner for 4 weeks (as advised by the dentist as I have difficult wearing the 8th), I have been wearing my 8th U-aligner for 9 weeks now as I am having difficulties wearing my 9 U-aligners.

Is this because my dentist forgot about the IPR? Can I change dentist at this stage? Does it cost more if I order more aligners? What should I do now? Thank you for your advice!

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Invisalign advice

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I would recommend that you speak with your dentist about your dissatisfaction of the treatment and see what the dentist can do about it. Different offices have different price schedules regarding fees for new aligners, some offices incorporate them into the initial fee and some charge for additional aligners.

If you continue to be unhappy with your dentist and treatment, you can switch doctors with invisalign, as you can authorize the new doctor to get your case transfered from your old doctor. If you do switch to a new doctor, that new doctor will charge you a fee for the continued treament.

I hope this is helpful!

New York Orthodontist

Changing dentists in the middle of invisalign treatment can be expensive

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The fee is normally collected at the start and should you decide to quit, there is no refund. To change dentists would equate to paying for Invisalign twice. It is likely better to simply finish with the current provider.

Sometimes skipping IPR is not from forgetting, but simply the case did not need it as previously thought. I would not assume this dentist is incompetent.

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