Switching Invisalign Trays Every 10-11 Days Instead of 14?

It seems like I have very little soreness after putting in my new Invisalign aligners. I feel the pressure the first couple days, but after that, the trays just pop in and out very easily. The 2 week switching period seems like it would be an average period suitable for the general population. Would it be alright if I asked my orthodontist to try out 10-11 days per set instead of 2 weeks? I would sign any waivers if they are worried about liability.

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Changing Invisalign every 10 days

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As an old wise man once said " if you take the short route to get to your destination, you may take the wrong path and miss it altogether"

So rushing Invisalign in crowded cases is not recommended because the errors increase and you end up having refinement aligners.

Rushing Invisalign only works in cases where spaces are present and if you change every 10 days then that means a review visit every month which is also an inconvenience as well.


For invisalign to work each tray must be worn two weeks

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The minimum each tray should be worn is 2 weeks..it can go longer than that but not less. The bone and teeth need this time to move and redeposit bone..otherwise you are forcing movement which can have side effects

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

Please don't do that!!!

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Each aligner has a prescribed movement programmed in it. Soreness does not always correlated with movement of teeth. There is also a settlement period there where the movement is stabilized.

In orthodontics "slow is fast" !!!!!!! The slower the movement, the more predictable and stable (long term) will be the result.

Please do not rush the treatment as it will relapse (research has proved it!).

Bobby Virk, DMD, MSD
Bellevue Orthodontist

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