Can You Stop Invisalign Mid-treatment?

What if you decide to quit using Invisalign before you use all your trays, either because you've changed you mind or because you're satisfied with the way your teeth look? Is this possible?  Will it mess up your results later?


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You can do whatever you want

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If you choose to stop at any point you wish and wear retainers faithfully, you may be satisfied and happy. Maybe. But the risk is all yours, and usually not worth it, as there will not be a refund or credit. Without that, why stop?

Yes it will

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Invisaling treatment is spread over a series of aligner. Now if you want to stop it mid course for waht ever reason, I will gaurantee you that the treatment will relapse.

You might be seeing at the your front teeth with decent alignment and think to quit. Treatment is definately more than that. Roots of teeth take more time to move and stabilize that what you see clinically or on smiling.

I would strongly recommend against quitng because what you have achieved and invested in the treatment (time and financial resources) will defiantely go to waste!!!

Bobby Virk, DMD, MSD
Bellevue Orthodontist

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