Would You Say Invisalign Can Solve my Class II Div. 2 Malocclusion? (photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old and never got any orthodontic treatment. I have a dental class II div. 2 malocclusion. I visited 3 invisalign practitioners and got 3 different treatment plans: - 1.5 years of invisalign + IPRs on lower arch - 15-18 months of invisalign + 4-6 months of regular braces - 2.5 years of invisalign with elastics or 1.5 years with braces (extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth and IPRs anyway) What is your opinion? Thank you for your answers!

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Sounds like you already got your answer

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After 3 consultations, it seems the only real decision is to choose who you trust the most.

How many opinions do you need?

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From similar cases I can predict about 18 months in total for Invisalign with interproximal stripping an option to reduce soft tissue triangular spaces.

Not difficult to do with Invisalign.

You may see similar cases on my webiste.

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