Invisalign - Is It Appropriate to Return to Tray 1 in the Middle of a Treatment Plan?

I am currently on tray 10 of 22 lower trays.Braces necessary to open space for implant crown. I was told that tray 11 didn't fit properly and was instructed to start back with tray 1. My teeth have been moving for 4.5 months, and to request that I go back to the beginning has me baffled, to say the least. The space would need to close for the earlier trays to fit. In my opinion, no progress will be made towards the purpose of "opening" the space by starting with tray 1. Seeking another opinion.

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Invisalign does not fit, what to do

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Standard protocol when a tray does not fit properly is to go back to one tray not to the beginning (tray 1).  You should check with your dentist to clarify the situation but I would recommend you go back to tray 10.  Hope this helps



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Go back to the Invisalign tray that fits

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Look for daylight to determine which aligner fits best. Daylight is space between the edges of the teeth and the inside of the plastic tray. Teeth not moving as planned can be due to the aligners not being worn full time, or to lack of space for movement. Your doctor will know if space for movement is adequate. You know if your compliance with aligner wear is up to the required level - we tell our patients 22 hours per day, or 300 hours per aligner before going to the next one. Aligners need to be worn full time to give the bone around the roots time to heal in the new position, whether you feel pressure or not.

Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
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Go Back 1 Tray, NOT back to Tray #1

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The standard protocol when a tray doesn't fit properly, is to go back 1 tray, NOT back to Tray #1. In your case, it would mean going back to tray #10. Please call your dentist to clarify.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

When invisalign doesn't fit

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Usually if a tray doesn't fit you should only go back to the previous tray.  But if things are way off they might need to start all over again.  If they have been monitoring you all along this shouldn't happen.  Another possibility is to do a mid-course correction where they take impressions where you are at and move forward from here.  THis generally doesn't incur additional costs.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
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When Invisalign trays don't fit, go back one tray

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Sometimes a tray doesn't fit or gets lost, so we suggest going back one tray to be sure teeth are where they should be.  However, this is often the point that a "mid course correction" is done, which is done by taking new impressions and sending to Invisalign for a new set of trays.  The NEW set will start with a number 1, but it won't be the same as the number one you used at first; the teeth have moved.

There likely is a simple misunderstanding.

If an invisalign aligner does not fit, go back to the last one that fit.

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You are absolutely right, this makes no sense.  Common practice is to go back to the last aligner that fit, in your case aligner 10.  Then other aligners may need to be re-ordered in order to continue with treatment.  This is not uncommon.   Go back and talk to your doctor!


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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