Why is a Invisalign Refinement Needed if Teeth Fit Final Tray?

If technically the invisalign system works by slowly changing the shape of the tray so that the teeth may fit on each position and shape of the tray, and the final tray is a perfect smile and that tray perfectly fits, how come a refinement is needed ?

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Why refinements with Invisalign?

Invisalign takes a conservative approach to move teeth and with patients wearing their aligners all the time and have a perfect fit, sometimes refinements are needed. Most of the time the patient will notice something that wants to improve. Other times the doctor brings it up to the patient if more trays are needed to correct an overbite that still not completely fine. Just keep in mind there is a possibility of refinements.

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Refinement after Invisalign

Even with good aligner wear throughout your treatment, most teeth may move super well, but a some may get left a little "behind" (for a number of reasons).  Refinements help take care of the usually minor discrepancies.

Doug Depew, DMD
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Refinement is Not Necessary if You Are Happy With Position in Final Tray

There might be a technical reason that your dentist wants to do a refinement, even though your final tray fits. Ask your dentist for the reason for the refinement.

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Refinement and Invisalign

Invisalign is based on physiological averages and virtual modeling.

Since every individuals teeth respond differently with orthodontic treatment  it is often necessary to use refinement to correct the minor discrepancies that may be left after your final aligner


This is just part of the process to achieve the best results for your individual needs


Robert T. Rudman, DDS, MS
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just like a fine work of art there is always a little refinement that can make it a masterpiece. it will well worth the extra effort and will also help the stability

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Why do I need refinement

Refinement is used to make slight tweaks to your case at the end of treatment to simply improve the final result.  If you are happy with the result then you do not need refinement.  Ask your dentist what changes are going to be made and then make the decision whether to continue with treatment

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