Can I Get Invisalign when I Have Porcelain Veneers?

I have had a problem for so long with the appearance of my teeth, so much so it has affected my life since I was aware I had bad teeth. Back in high school I couldn't take it any longer, and instead of getting braces (I didn't have the money, or wanting to wait that long to get results) I got 2 Veneers for my 2 front teeth that had a gap.

I still have crowding on my lower and a "fang" on my upper row that's a bit turned to the side which I want to correct, along with an overbite. I have looked into invisalign and am wondering if it would be able to work with my upper teeth that have the 2 veneers in the front... Would this destroy them? Would this make their life span less? and would they even be able to use invisalign at all? I would be very interested in knowing what my options are...

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Yes, there are really no contraindactions to having Invisalign done AFTER having porcelain veneers. (It's actually ideal the other way around but hey :-)) I agree with a previous post though- provided that the veneers are not defective and properly bonded to the tooth- then you should be fine.

Should not be a problem!

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Treatment with Invisalign with patients who have veneers should not be a problem as long as the veneers are healthy and are properly bonded to the teeth. Invisalign should not harm your veneers in any way or decrease their life span.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

Invisalign after Veneers

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You can certainly have Invisalign if you currently have veneers. If the veneers were done properly and are bonded correctly and don't have any decay around them then you will have no problems. 

Placing brackets or braces on the veneers might actually damage them as the adhesive that is used to hold the brackets in place can remove some of the polish.

In your situation Invisalign is a great option to fixed your crowded lower teeth, overbite and "fang" tooth.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

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Yes, you can get invisalign if you have veneers.

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So long as the veneers (and crowns) are in good condition, there is no reason why they would prevent you from getting Invisalign.

Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

Veneers and Invisalign - A Great Combination

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You can definitely have invisalign after getting veneers - especially if they are only on the front two teeth - no contraindications.  Ideally you would de the invisalign first and then the veneers as needed, but your situation will have no negative effect on the veneers,  Good Luck!

Frank Orlando, DDS
New York Dentist

Invisalign works great before veneers and after but there may be some limitiations.

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The simple answer is yes you can and I combine these treatments all the time. Many times patients have Invisalign treatment on the lower anterior teeth and Porcelain Laminate Veneers on the upper front teeth, It is a great combo that provides terrific results for patients. The only limitation is with the bonded attachments, which are sometimes used on certain teeth to accomplish certain movements with the Invisalign trays, are not indicated on teeth that have had veneers and thus limit certain movements of these teeth.

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