If I Move out of State, What Happens to my Invisalign Treatment?

I am thinking of getting Invisalign. At the same time, I might move out of state for work. What if I move during the Invisalign treatment? Has anyone done that?

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Changing Dentists/Orthodontists

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If you move out of the area and need a new dentist or orthodontist to complete your treatment, your current dentist can transfer the aligners and contact Invisalign about the "changeing of the guard."  At the end of your treatment period it is common to want to order refinement aligners to further improve your smile.  It is important that an invisalign trained professional remove the "buttons" bonded onto your teeth and makes retainers at the end of your treatment. 

Transferring Invisalign patients

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It is possible to transfer an Invisalign patient although there are some major things to consider.

Will your current Dr. reimburse the new doctor for their time?

If there are additional costs due to mid course corrections who will cover those?

Did the first Dr. inculde retainers at the end of treatment atno additional cost and what style did they include? Traditional Hawley style, Invisalign retainers or bonded retainers?

I would be sure to address this with your Dentist to ensure they are willing to make it work for you and the new Dentist.

Cate Vieregger, DDS
Denver Dentist

You CAN continue Invisalign treatment elsewhere

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But it would have to be arranged by the first doctor and the finishing doctor. The fee to invisalign is paid right at the very beginning, so the Dr taking over would either need to take the case on for free, or the original Dr would compensate somehow.

It can become VERY tricky, as the new Dr takes on the responsibility of a case he didn't diagnose and plan. It is not uncommon to have "mid course corrections". Who pays for that? If the new Dr needs to do this and took it on for free, he is litterally paying a patient for care.

The complications and variables are many, so my best advice is start treatment when you think you will be in an area for at least a year. If you think you will move, make the move first.

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