Does Invisalign Move the Roots of Your Teeth Like Traditional Braces?

Is it true that Invisalign does not move the roots of your teeth, like traditional braces do? Is it true that you would have to wear your retainers after your teeth are straight, from Invisalign, for practically ever, less your teeth go back to their former positions?

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Invisalign CAN move roots

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Given enough time and the right attachments, they can move teeth and roots.  It is common to have tipping, but planned correctly moving roots is possible.

The key is in the treatment planning, and experienced Invisalign providers can move the roots.

Invisalign can move roots

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In the past, Invisalign providers were unable to move roots to keep them parallel. Most often, crowns were tipped, leaving roots in an undesirable location. Increasingly, there are patients who have successful treatment when they require extractions and subsuequent space closure. This means that you would not be able to determine whether the patient had braces or Invisalign at the end of treatment.

These types of Invisalign treatments will require a more experienced provider who understands the types of attachments and order of tooth movement required to bring success to such a case. These types of movements are not covered by basic Invisalign certification, but have been topics for many of the recent Invisalign Continuing Education courses.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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