Can Invisalign Move Teeth Vertically and Horizontally?

Is it true that Invisalign can only move teeth horizontally. What if the teeth are too short and need to be pulled  down? Thank you for your opinion.

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Vertical tooth movement with Invisalign

If you think about how Invisalign fits over all the teeth as a single tray, you can see how physically difficult it is for Invisalign to move teeth away from the gums.  There are auxillary  'attachments' that can be glued to the teeth to aid Invisalign in this movement, however, so some vertical movement is possible.  If moving your front teeth away from the gums (making them look 'longer') is an important goal you should speak with an orthodontist who is experienced with both Invisalign and braces so you can get an idea of what can be expected with each approach.

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New Beauty is Incorrect About Invisalign

Invisalign is a tool for developing a beautiful smile like any other. It is good for certain tooth movements, but is less efficient for other movements. Every patient's treatment needs to be individualized to their goals and their face. Sometimes Invisalign is a good idea and sometimes it is not, but I wouldn't use the word "can't" for tooth movements than can be achieved.

Through time consuming review of your ClnCheck by your orthodontist, proper staging and force application can be prescribed into your computerized tooth movements to move teeth vertically within reason. Additionally, with the use of TADs significant intrusion (another type of vertical movement) can be achieved with Invisalign. 

That said some types of vertical movements (and horizontal ones too) can be difficult with Invisalign. I wouldn't let New Beauty decide what type of treatment I need. See an orthodontist experienced with Invisalign and let them help you reach your goals for a great smile.

Scott Frey, DDS
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Invisalign Can move Teeth Both Horizontally & Vertically

While Invisalign is much more predictable in moving teeth horizontally, it CAN accomplish MINOR vertical movement as well.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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