Can Invisalign Fix 100% Overbite?

i got an overbite problem, when i was at the orthondotics office he recommended aobut invisalign. i have never heard that before and it sounded like a pretty good deal so i chose it. He said i had 100% overbite. i been researching stuff about about invisalign online and im getting REALLY scared that it will not fix my problem plus we will have to pay about 4000 dollars for the treatment.

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Invisalign and overbite

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You have asked a great question.  In this context "overbite" means the vertical overlap of the front teeth. 100% overbite means that the upper front teeth cover 100% of the lower front teeth.  In general 20% to 30% overbite is about normal. If one of the goals of your treatment is to correct the overbite, then Invisalign may have trouble fully correcting it.  On the other hand, if overbite correction is not an important goal then Invisalign may be OK.  One thing for sure: with braces we can correct virtually any bite problem no matter how severe, but with Invisalign bite corrections are often less possible and predictable.  Your orthodontist should be able to clear up any confusion regarding correcting your overbite.

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Most experienced Invisalign providers agree that deep overbite correction is one of the most challenging movements to accomplish with aligners. It is somewhat more successful in adolescents who are still undergoing some facial growth than in adults who kave fully matured. One approach that can get around this limitation is to combine Invisalign with regular braces thus taking advantage of the best attributes of the two systems. Given your description of your overbite, I urge you to be sure you are being treated by a provider with a lot of Invisalign experience. A successful outcome will be a challenge to accomplish under the best of circumstances!

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Invisalign and overbite are challenging together

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The term overbite is common in two scenarios, a "buck tooth" look OR when the upper teeth cover the appearance of the lower teeth when biting.  They are not the same thing, so correcting them take different approaches.  

Invisalign has a difficult time with the second scenario or "deep bite".  It CAN be done, but it is more predictable with traditional methods. 

100% overbite

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deep bites can be challenging with braces or invisalign...They can be done with Invisalign but, as usual, IT All DEPENDS....You should make sure you have an experienced orthodontist who does many Invisalign patients,your problem sounds too severe for a doctor with little orthodontic or Invisalign experience

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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