Can Invisalign Fix the Gap Between Top and Bottom Teeth?

I have a gap in between my top and bottom teeth where they don't meet. I would prefer not to get traditional braces as Im about to start my career as a teacher and want to look professional as possible. I can stick the tip of my tongue through the gap. Can invisalign help make the gap smaller or get rid of it?

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Invisalign and open bite

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Invisalign is not very effective in pulling down teeth as with traditional braces. Cases with an open bite are better treated with traditional braces as opposed to Invisalign.

Toronto Dentist

Open bites are not well corrected with Invisalign

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Invisalign is great for making things look straight, but when addressing the forces needed to correct an open bite, Invisalign simply does not work well.

You may need to start with traditional braces for open bite

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Some new ideas for this type of bite is to start with traditional brackets and wires and do the major movements needed to close your bite, then switch to Invisalign to finish up the minor tooth movements. That way you can get your braces off sooner and have a normal life again and not have a mouth or hardware. See if you orthodontist can design a treatment like that for you.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign NOT best option for open bite

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Open bites (when your top and bottom teeth do not touch) are very difficult to correct and maintain and thus, I would recommend getting an orthodontic consult in order to better understand your malocclusion and treatment options. There are dental open bites (which are a result of the teeth being in the wrong position) and there are skeletal open bites (in which the maxilla and/or mandible is in the wrong position). Whether or not your case can be treated with braces and elastics or braces and surgery will be determined with the diagnostic records.

Invisalign can be used to straighten your teeth and possibly improve the open bite slightly, but full correction will require braces (with possible surgery or mini-screws)

The most difficult issue with correcting open bites is the long term stability and this should be considered.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Invisalign NOT recommended to close an open bite

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Do not invest in Invisalign if you want to close the gap between the upper and lower teeth. This gap is called an "Open Bite".

An "Open Bite" is when the front teeth don't touch when closing together on your back teeth. Invisalign will not successfully pull the front teeth together. They make this very clear on their website and any doctor attempting to do it, is destined for failure. To make matters worse, even with braces, open bites are very prone to relapse--reopening after treatment (even if retainers are worn well). Often surgical orthodontics is necessary for successful open bite closure.

With that said, Invisalign could align your upper and lower teeth but it will NOT close the gap between the two.

Todd Barnett, DMD
Akron Orthodontist

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