Invisalign Final Retainer - Bad for my Teeth to Only Wear It at Night?

I was wondering if it's bad for my teeth to wear the final retainer each night? It feels as if my teeth are constantly being moved back and forth and don't get the chance to 'cement' into place and become strong again. They were sore if i pushed hard on them and quite sensitive so I stopped wearing the retainer for the past 2 months and although my teeth have reverted slightly they aren't sore anymore. I'd like to keep them straight though! Is it really ok for me to wear a retainer each night?

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Invisalign retainers eventually can be worn only at night

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When treatment ends, the bone supporting teeth is still fairly soft.  If a retainer is worn 24/7 at first, the bone can get dense and allow the teeth to settle.  At that point night time only wear works.

Not bad for your teeth to wear your retainers each night

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It's not that it's bad for your teeth, it is the minimum needed. You need full time wear long enough for your teeth to stabilize in their new position. Eventually you should be able to where then just to bed. Trust how they feel. If they feel tight you need more wear. If your teeth feel like they move you need more wear. Your body and your retainer are better telling factors in terms of if you need more wear or if bedtime alone is enough, than a rule of thumb a doctor with tell every patient.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Retention after orthodontics

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It is very important to wear your retainers each and every night.  There will be forever a tendency for your teeth to relapse back to where they were before invisalign.  Physiologically, teeth tend to move throughout your lifetime.  It is important to have the retainers maintained and checked regularly.  Depending on the type of retainer they may need to be replaced every so often.  Retainers wear out and when they wear out they no longer hold your teeth properly.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Retainer use after invisalign

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In my office when I complete an invisalign case I usually recommend that my patients where the retainers as often as possible to allow the teeth to settle.  After the first few months night time only wearing is required for as long as you do not want the teeth to move back to where they once were. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Retainer times after Invisalign

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After Invisalign, a retainer must be worn, at least at night, for as long as you don't want teeth to move, which is probably the rest of your life.  Whereing a retainer the same as aligners to let the bone harden around the teeth is a good idea.  The teeth may need to be occlusally adjusted as the way they originally fit together and the way they were worn is different then the way they now come together post Invisalign.  Talk to your provider and have him check your bite.  Good luck! 

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