Will Insurance Cover Invisalign After Braces?

Will my dental insurance cover the cost of Invisalign when they have already paid for Braces?

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Lifetime maximums

The short answer would be: No.

Usually insurance with ortho deals with lifetime maximums, and the max is usually used up during the first go-round. If you desired braces again later on and still had the same insurance, you likely would have zero benefits available to you.

Odds are that when you do ortho again, you will have a different insurance. But if you just got brackets off and are unhappy and want Invisalign instead, there likely is no coverage.

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Depends on how much they have paid already......

With most of the insurance companies you have a life time maximum for Orthodontic benefit. It usually ranges from $1000-2500. It is also, in most cases, paid out as percentage of the orthodontic fees charged by your dentist/orthodontist. Usually it is 50%. So, for example, if your doctor charged $5000 then you have utilized all your benefits which were $2500.

Now, this is true if you stay with the existing insurance.

So, if you change jobs and now have different insurance company providing Orthodontic coverage then you can get Invisalign treatment and they new company will pay out the percentage of the fee depending on the benefit.

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