Why Do Invisalign Costs Differ So Much?

My wife wants to have Invisalign and of course I check the prices : ). I have seen on this site that some people had it done for $1000 some for $10,000. I understand few hundred dollars difference but thousands? Why? My wife got quoted $5000.

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Invisalign Price Range

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While I'm not sure who is doing Invisalign for $1000 (the doctor would end up having to pay significantly out of pocket for this), the actual price range is between $5000-$7500 for full Invisalign. If you're doing Invisalign to get the teeth lined up for ideal porcelain veneers (or restorative work) and only need to move the teeth a bit, you may use Invisalign Express which would run about $3500-$4000. It's possible that the $10,000 fee is in NYC or Hollywood...I'm an Invisalign doctor and did Invisalign on myself and had to pay over $2000 just for the records, materials, and Invisalign Lab Case Fee...

Realistic Invisalign prices

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A true price shopper should know that anyone who offers Invisalign for $1000 is a scam artist, and there is something wrong with his office/practice etc.

The problem with the internet is that any quack can put a crazy fee online just to get the patient in his office,then after they arrive they are "upselled" to $4000 to $5000 for a normal price range.

It would be like going to Tijuana, Mexico, for open heart surgery because the surgeon is charging $1000. Don't do it. In medicine and dentistry, you usually get what you pay for.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign Costs Can Vary Greatly

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Invisalign costs depend on a variety of factors including:


-office overhead

-difficulty of the malocclusion/time

-skill level of the orthodontist

-patient-dependent factors

The key to remember is that Invisalign is a technique, not a product. It isn't simply buying "Invisalign" and being guaranteed a result. The skill level and treatment planning of the doctor, as well as their staff, can make all the difference.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

Invisalign prices can vary

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It is possible that a doctor was simply trying to get his/her first case done, so they knew what to expect from subsequent cases. They may be willing to lose a little money on that case, which would be the case at $1000.

$3000 for Invisalign Express sounds average, and $5-6000 for Invisalign full sounds appropriate.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Invisalign costs will vary by location and duration

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The fee in Manhattan will differ from the fee in Duluth, and a site like RealSelf has a nationwide data pool. Invisalign also has different levels, so the express will be nearly half the fee... I think the national average is around $5000 for a full case and around $2900 for the express. I have never heard of $1000 for Invisalign, as the lab fee alone is more than that.

Invisalign prices vary for many reasons

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Invisalign prices vary for many reasons. The first reason is the severity of the malocclusion. The severity of the malocclusion will also determine the length of treatment. Some invisalign cases can take 8 months and some can take 20 months, and these 2 cases will have different prices. The second reason that Prices differ can depend on if you are being treated by a general dentist or an orthodontist, who is a specialist. Orthodontists tend to charge more than general dentists because of their advanced and specialized training. Thirdly, invisalign prices vary by region as do many things, ie prices may be higher in a bigger city than in a rural suburb.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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