Conflicting Invisalign Recommendations

I have seen two different orthodontists for recommendations on Invisalign. I am 28 years old and would prefer to go the Invisalign route. I first saw a regular orthodontist who told me that I am not a good candidate for Invisalign because the crowding is too severe; it would take up to two years to correct and I would need braces at the end of the treatment. They quoted me almost $8,000 CDN for Invisalign vs. $5000 CDN for traditional braces.

I then went to an orthodontist who is one of the 'premium Invisalign providers', and he had no doubt that I was a candidate for Invisalign and told me treatment would be one year and the cost would be $6,000. I am really confused because these two recommendations are so conflicting! Do you think the Invisalign ortho was just trying to get me to sign up, knowing that treatment could take much longer and be more expensive?

Has anyone else received conflicting recommendations? Any help would be appreciated as I would just like to get started on treatment, whether it's regular braces or Invisalign. Thank you.

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Too Severe?

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It is hard to imagine the case being too severe. Invisalign does have its limitations but the limitations can be overcome.

If it were me, I would go to an Orthodontist that has the most experience. I would rather go to a heart surgeon who does 200 a year rather than one who does 1 per year. Sometimes the more experienced charges less since he is more efficient.


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It's all guesswork

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With moving teeth, we can only guess how long it would take. Our experience is what makes our guesses more accurate.

One thing to ask yourself is are you choosing on price or on length of time? Every office has their own fees, so there WILL be variations. Your first doctor simply adds the Invisalign lab fee on to his wire ortho fee.

Until impressions are taken and Invisalign computerizes everything, it's all a guess. Even WITH the 3-D images, we don't know that your teeth will move as planned, so the length time is never 100% predictable.

Unless you've had impressions of your teeth sent to Invisalign- too hard to tell

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Unless you have had impressions of your teeth taken and submitted to Invisalign, the dentist is just giving you his best guess (from his experience) in how long it'll take to do the full course of Invisalign. Invisalign will not determine the number of trays needed until they actually go through the scanning of the impressions and begin the fabrication process for the trays. I honestly do the same thing. My disclaimer to patients is that I AM making my best educated guess about how long it'll take with Invisalign (+ or - a month or two). Hope this helps.

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