Invisalign for Correcting Tilting Teeth?

My teeth tilt inwards and obviously need orthodontic work to correct this. Will Invisalign be able to correct this? Will Invisalign be worse, better or the same as regular Braces?

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Invisalign correction of tilted or crooked teeth

Invisalign is an excellent choice for teeth that are tilted inward or crowded. With a feature called Clin-Check, you can see your predicted outcome before you decide to begin treatment. Invisalign or traditional braces will work well to correct tilted teeth.

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Invisalign can definately correct it!!

Invisalign works as well as other orthodontic appliances (braces etc). So from what you are mentioning there will be no issue treating it with Invisalign.

Now, the only difference is that the Invisalign treatment depends upon you completely. These are series of removable aligners which you have to wear, so the compliance from your side will be the key to success of the treatment. Conventional braces are fixed on your teeth so the patient compliance is not as critical (still it is!!).

Please see an Orthodontist who has experience in Invisalign for complimentary consultation.

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Definitely see a general dentist or an orthodontist

There's plenty of General Dentists AND Orthodontists certified to do Invisalign. You don't have to just see an orthodontist as instructed above. This is just what orthodontists usually tell you.

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