What's the Invisalign Cost for One Arch?

Will the cost the same for Invisalign whether its one arch or both? My dentist told me I need my only lower anterior to have Invisalign but I have notice my upper teeth start to have a bit of a gap. Btw, I am wearing veneers - 9 teeth (upper).

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Invisalign cost for an arch

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Invisalign charges the same for one or both arches. I too usually treat both arches to get the very best long term result for my patients. It is very difficult to get a bite right when you treat only one arch. An unstable bite leads to unstable results and a greater chance for relapse or jaw issues.

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Invisalign Cost: One Arch vs. Two

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Invisalign charges the same amount for one arch as they do for two. I almost always treat two arches together (unless my patient has just finished a porcelain smile design on the uppers). In doing so, I can make sure both get ideal alignment. I also have more control over the bite by treating two. My suggestion - treat both arches since the cost is the same.

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